Starting a New Club/Organization

Recognition of new student organizations occurs only in the fall semester.

If you are seeking to start a new club this academic year, please:

  • Do not use the Tufts name, logo, or mascot in your organization’s name (i.e., Tufts Weather Club should instead be Weather Club),

  • Keep a record of all the public events you host in your first year - Facebook event screenshots are fine! - to use when applying for recognition in the following year,

  • Begin drafting a group constitution. It should include a non-discrimination clause and a passage requiring that any constitutional changes be approved by the TCUJ. For samples, refer to existing group constitutions here, and

  • Attend the recognition meeting or in the fall or email the TCUJ Re-Recognition Chair if you have any further questions.

If your club has existed for one or more academic semesters and has had three events per semester:

  • Attend the recognition meeting in the fall run by the Director of Campus Life, Joe Golia, and the TCUJ Recognition Chair, and

  • Be prepared to schedule an evaluative meeting with the TCUJ before Thanksgiving break.

While this page is being updated, please visit the office for campus life's website for more information.