For upcoming resolutions, see our calendar. 

what are resolutions?

Resolutions serve as strong lobbying tools that express to the Tufts administration the wants and needs of the student body. They speak as a collective voice and are instrumental in enacting systemic changes.


how do you write a resolution?

You don't have to be a Senator to write a resolution. TCU Senate has heard several resolutions that were written by students or members of student groups attempting to enact a change. If you are interested in writing a resolution, reach out to Parliamentarian Adam Rapfogel for assistance at Resolutions must follow a certain format and certain language that can be found by referencing past resolutions. Resolutions must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the Sunday that the authors wish for it to be heard. When the final draft of the resolution is submitted, the Parliamentarian will hold a Rules Committee session that is open to the public to review the resolution for grammar, inaccuracies, and formatting, but not on its content or stance. Once the resolution is edited, the resolution will hit the Senate floor for debate and a vote. 

upcoming resolutions

On Sunday, January 28th TCU Senate will hear S.18-1 A Resolution Calling on Tufts University to Extend the Pass-Fail Deadline for All Students. For the full text of the resolution, click here

past resolutions

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2017-2018 resolutions

S.17-7 A Resolution Calling for Tufts University to Create an Accessible Asian American Center Through the Relocation of Asian American Identity-Based Housing (Passed 21 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 against)

S.17-6: A Resolution Calling on Tufts University to Offer a Greater Number of All Gender Inclusive Restrooms on Campus (Passed 25 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstaining)


2016-2017 resolutions

For Roll Call votes, please email Historian Jacqueline Chen at for past resolutions, or check the Senate minutes in our "Minutes" section. Please note that not all resolutions have roll call votes. 

S.17-5 A Resolution Calling for Tufts University to End Investments in The Israeli Occupation (Passed 17 in favor, 6 against, 8 abstaining)

S.17-4 A Resolution to Expand Reproductive Health Services on Tufts' Medford Campus (Passed unanimously)

S.17-3 A Resolution Calling for the Creation of a French Minor and a Spanish Minor for Arts & Sciences Students (Passed unanimously)

S.17-2 A Resolution Requesting Fair and Protective Title IX Procedures (Failed 0 in favor, 25 against, 1 abstaining)

S.17-1 A Resolution In Support of the Massachusetts Safe Communities Act (Passed 28 in favor, 0 against, 1 abstaining)

S.16-14 A Resolution Calling on Tufts Dining to Reform the Current Meal Plan and Dollar Equivalency System to Make Dining on Campus More Affordable for all Tufts Students (Passed unanimously)

S.16-13 A Resolution Pledging Support for the Release of Siamak Namazi and Bagher Namazi (Passed 24 in favor, 1 against, 1 abstaining)

S.16-12 A Resolution Requesting Free Speech Rights for All Members of Tufts University (Failed 0 in favor, 26 against, 2 abstaining)

S.16-11 A Resolution Calling on Tufts University to Support Water Protectors Fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline, and to Divest from the Pipeline and the Militarized Protection of It (Passed 19 in favor, 6 against, 2 abstaining)

S.16-10 A Resolution Calling for Tufts University to Implement an Exam Policy for AS&E Students (Passed unanimously)

S.16-9 A Resolution Calling for the Development and Implementation of Mandatory Cultural Competency Training for Faculty and Staff at the Tufts University Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering (Passed unanimously) 

S.16-8 A Resolution Calling for Tufts University to Support Fair Contracts for Janitors (Passed 21 in favor, 0 against, 4 abstains)

S.16-7 A Resolution Calling for Tufts University to Support the Movement for Indigenous Peoples Day Boston (Passed 25 in favor, 1 against, 0 abstains)

S.16-6 A Resolution Calling for Tufts University to Oppose Charter School Expansion in Massachusetts (Passed 18 in favor, 2 against, 6 abstains)