committees Overview

Most of Senate's work is done in committees. Each senator sits on at least one committee where they work on projects related to various aspects of the Tufts student experience. The committee chairs sit on the General Board which is chaired by the TCU Senate Vice President. The General Board coordinates collaborations between senators, facilitates project work, and supports senators in their individual projects. Each committee's meetings are open to the public and any student can be involved in committee work. It is recommended that you contact the committee chair. The committees currently are:

  • Administration & Policy (A&P)

    • Chair: Deepen Goradia

  • Community & Diversity

    • Chair: Carolina Olea Lezama

  • Education

    • Chair: Ayden Crosby

  • Outreach

    • Chair: Alex Lein

  • Services

    • Chair: Tim Leong

education committee

Professor of the year:

Every year, the Education Committee accepts nominations from the Tufts student body for the Professor of the Year Award. This reward is determined entirely by students, and is a very prestigious honor that is bestowed upon a professor who has contributed to student learning and goes above and beyond for the Tufts Community. TCU Senate is pleased to announce that the Professor of the Year for the 2018-2019 Academic Year is Professor Mary Glaser of the Mathematics Department.