Apply for ECOM

the elections commission is now accepting applications for the 2018 calendar year. students interested in facilitating and advertising upcoming student elections are welcome to apply. 

you can find the application here.


applications are due on december 8th, 2017. please email your completed application to


Each member of the Elections Commission (ECOM) has specific duties and responsibilities, including:

  • To serve as a member of the Commission from January to January.
  • To implement the Constitution and follow the Commission’s by-laws
  • To attend training sessions
  • To attend all meetings of the Commission
  • To advertise elections, forums, and meetings within the specified time period as set forth by the Constitution and the Commission’s by-laws
  • To advertise and host General Interest Meetings (GIMs) to inform potential candidates
  • To maintain a website to publicize information about elections
  • To work with parties filing a Referenda and to advertise such Referenda in accordance with the Constitution and the Commission’s by-laws
  • To manage and coordinate Senate in-house elections
  • To become familiar with all aspects of the Voting Platform, VOATZ

Upon completion of these duties, members of the Elections Commission may receive compensation in the amount of $250 per semester.